Important Policy:

-On-Line students are allowed to take as many lectures per course(s) as they wish.

-However, per our institute policy, a minimum of one lecture per On-Line Course(s) must be completed within seven-calendar days from the date of payment (except when otherwise specify in the description of the lecture).

-If the on line student fails to complete the lecture within this time frame, the student will be locked out of the system without receiving any credit hours for the lecture. As such, a refund for that lecture will not be granted.

-In this case the student must re-register, re-pay and re-take the lecture.

-Exceptions from this policy are to be analyzed on a case-by-case basis and at the discretion of the NEIWH Board of Directors.

-Official Academic Record: NEIWH will issue, an Official Transcript for one or more On-Line courses completed. The Official Transcript must be requested by E-Mail to and must contain the following information:
  -Full Name
  -Mailling Address
  -Phone Number
  -Social Security
  -A processing fee of $15 is required, must be paid at the time of your request
(This fee must be paid by money order or check. Make your money order or your check to North Eastern Institute of Whole Health, Inc and mail it to 22 Bridge St Manchester, NH 03101.)

-This comes in the form of a hardcopy transcript of the course(s) completed, with all hours earned. Your Officail Transcript will be signed and sealed by NEIWH administration and mail to your address. These are processed weekly.

More questions please e-mail