Massage for patients with cancer

This course will familiarize the student with the special needs of the cancer patient. Information on metastasis, lymph-edema, and cancer treatments and their side effects will be covered. Students will learn about the needs of clients who are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy, or who have undergone surgery. The benefits of massage for people with cancer will be examined.

Mental Retardation, Understanding

This course is designed for the Massage Therapist to become familiar with a mentally-retarded patient. In a conversational format, topics will include spasticitiy, autisms, psychology (cognitive, socioeconomic, behavioral, biological), mental illnesses, case studies, etc. Stories will add to the discussion. Massage therapists, after attending this course, will have a basic understanding or mental retardation and may feel more comfortable with massage application.


Moxabustion (moxa), is an integral part of acupuncture and acupressure treatments. In the morning, the student will practice different moxa techniques. In the afternoon, these techniques will be applied to treat specific symptoms as well as maintaining good health. The course fee includes materials and hand-outs.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is a highly interactive stretching technique of fascia and muscle. This course will explore the anatomy of fascia and the relationship of fascia with the musculoskeletal system. Non-Energy efficient posture is an integral part of Myofascial Dysfunction, therefore this course will teach the student to perform an in-depth postural analysis of their client. Hands-on techniques of the weekend will include: tense and relax, pin and stretch, passive and active stretching, body-mobilization techniques, and of course, Myofascial Release techniques on the lower extremeties.


This introductory course will teach students how to assist others with muscular tension, contraction, pain or spasm, towards a more effective healing process. Understanding and practicing trigger point myotherapy techniques, the student will be able to incorporate these studies with their own bodywork style.

Neck Massage

How often do you hear from your client “I can’t move my neck,” or “it is so sore; is there anything you can do to relieve the pain in my neck”? All practitioners will hear this over and over. This workshop will add a few good alternatives: how to stretch the neck and regain ROM are two of the concepts covered in this class.

Neuromuscular Bodywork III

This course will cover: neuromuscular treatment, introduction to integrative Quantum Medicine-Jing, Chi, Shin, and Introduction to Transformational Breathwork. In this class you will learn what it is to be a Healing Facilitator.

Neuromuscular, Advanced

This course will cover: body symmetry and observation, Bioelectric phenomena and the chakras, intention, child/adult recovery differences, advanced palpation, applied proprioception, and learning to work with chi.

Optimal Health as a Massage Therapist

Learn key facts about the seasonal flu, the cause, common flu symptoms, how it spreads, and what to do if you get sick. Learn about prevention, importance of good hygiene habits, seasonal flu vaccine dos and donts, the contagious period and treatment. In addition, gain a basic understanding of the Avian Influenza, (Bird Flu) especially if you travel worldwide. Why the concern? What is the difference? Why is it so deadly, and how does it spread? Officials fear H5N1 is the most likely one to mutate into a form that humans could contract more easily. The possibility of a worldwide influenza epidemic, a pandemic, and federal recommendations on being prepared and having a plan. You will be more prepared and knowledgeable about avoiding or contracting these viruses while closely working with the public. Having optimal health will also optimize your businesses.

Osteoporosis, Understanding

This course will begin with a review of the anatomy of the human spine and back region. The clinical presentation of various types of back pain will be discussed, focusing on underlying etiologies and the approach to back pain from an orthopædic point of view. Some exercises used in the management of back pain will be presented. Students will have the opportunity to participate in an exercise practice session.

Parafango Body Spa Treatment

Parafango (mud/paraffin), treatments have been effective in treating strained muscles and clients with fibromyalgia and arthritis. Give a deeper tissue massage when muscles are relaxed with the mini-sauna effects of the paraffin. Both spot treatments (I.E. back only), and full-body treatments will be explored. The regenerative properties of earth and sea combined with the latest active ingredients are formulated into a totally natural, simple, and effective treatment that will detoxify, tone, and moisturize the skin. Combined with massage, this is a wonderful "Feel good/Stress Reduction" Treatment which is on the menus of many well-known spa resorts. Please note that these treatments do not require a wet room. During this class, students will experience giving and receiving a full-body treatment ($150.00 value). The cost of this workshop includes all products used.

Polarity Therapy

The Polarity Therapy of Dr. Randolph Stone assumes that energy flows along certain patterns or zones in the body. Students learn about positive and negative charges and the five currents of energy flow as well as hand positioning and traditional techniques.

Pregnancy and Labor Massage

This workshop provides the skills necessary to assist the expectant woman through each trimester of pregnancy, labor and the postpartum period. The participants will identify and learn techniques and skills necessary to relieve discomfort and fear due to the psychological and physiological changes during and after birth. Participants will learn techniques of Aromatherapy and Visualization used during labor. Marketing skills will be discussed to help the participants build their prenatal practice. This workshop is a prerequisite for High-Risk Pregnancy Massage.

Professional Ethics for the Massage Therapist

This course will review the rules and ethics as defined by the NCBTMB (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork). Situational role-playing will be incorporated to help reinforce boundaries for the L.M.T. Designed primarily for L.M.T. re-certification.


Gong means “work” in Chinese, and Qi is a from of energy that circulates with in the body, so Qigong means the cultivation of the body’s energy to increase and control its circulation.

Qigong is one of the four pillars of traditional Chinese medicine: Acupuncture, Massage, Herbal medicines, and Qigong. Practicing Qigong can help to maintain your health and mental balance.; however the most important reward to come from the regular practice of Qigong is your discovery of the inner world of your body’s energy. Through sensing, feeling, and examining your inner experiences, you will start to understand yourself not only physically, but also mentally.

With the mental peace and calmness that Qigong can give you, you will be better able to relax and enjoy daily work and perhaps even find real happiness.

Raindrop Therapy®

Raindrop Therapy®, as developed by Dr. Gary Young, is an exquisite modality that uses nine highly therapeutic essential oils Each oil is dropped and layered, in a raindrop fashion, up the spine and then lighlty massaged in. In this course, you will learn the properties of these amazing oils and discover how they penetrate the muscles to deliver a relaxing but deep tissue massage.

Reiki, Level I

Reiki is a profoundly simple, powerful, and gentle hands-on healing practice that promotes the body's natural self-healing abilities. In this two day intensive workshop, you will learn the history of Reiki, how it works, and many of its uses. The Reiki I attunement opens your Reiki channel to the infinite supply of Universal life force energy and invites balance among your four bodies: the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. There will be an introduction to and a discussion of the Reiki Ideals and the chakra system. You will learn the Reiki hand positions and practice a Reiki self treatment, as well as conduct a full session on another person. You will experience a guided meditation designed to clear and balance your energy, create your inner Reiki temple, and meet your Reiki guides. Certificate given at the end of class.

Reiki, Level II

Students will learn the three master symbols and their use. Students will receive the master keys to enhance channeling of Reiki, receive three attunements to strengthen the connection with the Reiki energy, participate in experiential exchanges, and send and receive energy in absentia. During the second day of instruction, students will send energy in absentia to someone they know and empower their goals. Students will be able to do a complete one-hour treatment and send energy in absentia to a client at an increased energy level. A Reiki Level II Practitioner Certificate is awarded to each student upon completion of the course.

Reiki, Level III

Students will learn the fourth master symbol, receive an attunement to the master symbol, increase the energy flow 100%, learn and be able to use thirteen to fifteen additional therapeutic symbols, experience the sending and receiving of the symbols via group and one-on-one exchanges. During the second day of instruction, students will send therapeutic symbols to a person in absentia, experience planetary healing using crystals, and may choose to be attuned to a personal symbol. Students will be able to give a one hour treatment at the highest therapist level either hands-on or in absentia. A Reiki Level III Master Therapist Certificate is awarded upon completion of the course.

Rejuvenating Facial Massage

Learn how to give a rejuvenating facial massage using herbal teas, reflexology, masks, and massage. Most of the products are easy to prepare. Learn how to prepare products from items easily found at home or at your local health food store. These products can serve as great, personalized gifts, too. Fee includes take-home preparations. Refresh, invigorate, and revive

Rejuvenating Facial Massage With Herbs & Nature Products

Length of course: 12 hours
Prerequisite: none
Deposit of $50 due by March 20th, 2009.
12 Cont. ED. Hrs. will be granted.
Students are to bring 2-3 face cloths, 2-3 hand towels, notebook, pen, linens, bowl (2 quart-sized) & massage lotion, oil, or cream.

Learn how to give a rejuvenating facial massage using herbal teas, reflexology, masks, and massage. Most of the products are easy to prepare. Learn how to prepare products from items easily found at home or at your local health food store. These products can serve as great, personalized gifts, too. Fee includes take-home preparations. Refresh, invigorate, and revive!


Russian Seated Massage, Review & Advanced

Students will learn a unique seated massage in the Russian Technique: extraordinary Russian strokes that will save thumbs. Students will practice a 25-minute sequence using knuckles, heel-of-the-palm and other Russian techniques to complete a thorough session on a client by the end of the course.

Sacred Circle Meditation

Length of course: 3 hours
Prerequisite: none
Deposit of $50 due by August 7th, 2009.
3 Cont. ED. Hrs. will be granted.
Students are to bring a large pillow.

This kind of meditation is for any of you interested in calming your inner self, manifest, self-retreat. The group will sit in a circle and work on chakra energy. Best work for anyone after has had a Reiki attunement. This self-treatment is designed to enhance your understanding of the circle of life, improve self-confidence, stress, and anxiety.


Salt Glow and Body Polish

This course will introduce you to the body-salt rub and hot oiled body-wrap therapy. An amazing body treatment to help your patients get rid of toxins and help them cope with everyday stress. A whole-day, hands-on spa experience and education!

Scapula Release

If a client's scapula has limited motion, then so does their breath and the appendages of their upper body. The class will explore ways to rejuvenate movement and freedom using multiple techniques that are used in releasing the stagnancy of the scapulas.

Scoliosis: Practical Applications

Reviews anatomy and physiology of the spine and other structures which may be related to scoliosis. Explains what to look for and what a massage therapist can do to help alleviate pain associated with scoliosis. There will be hands-on, evaluation of each others’ spines..

Side-Lying, Upper Torso

Sideline massage is a program that will allow you to experience an example of what you can do while your client is on his/her side, instead of on the stomach or back. Sideline treatment will work the shoulder girdle to the sacrum in several different techniques. Experience in class will address the injury aspect of the sideline massage, pregnancy, and class women that do not want to lie on the breast area because of discomfort.


Simple Facial Cleansing

Length of course:5 hours
Students are to bring a notebook and pen, neck pillow, hairpins, 2 hand towels, 1 big towel, 1 wash towel, a bowl, and facial cream cleanser or baby lotion.

Pamper yourself with a facial massage to relax and stimulate your skin and facial muscles, as you learn additional gentle relaxation techniques for a younger and healthier look.

Facial massage techniques for you and your client, gentle cleansing strategies and masks applications using natural ingredients products, are the objective of this short seminar.



Stone Massage, Basic

This course will introduce the participant to a popular spa modality in this country and world wide. Stone care and use, harvesting, and handling techniques, along with thermotherapy principles involved, will enable participants to provide a quality, full-body massage with stones upon course completion.

Strelnikova Breathing Techniques

Strelnikova`s remarkable breathing technique renders complex medical influence on an organism of the person. It positively influences the exchange processes playing an important role in blood supply, including pulmonary tissue. It promotes restoration of the central nervous system damaged during illness and improves drainage function of the bronchial tubes. It restores damaged nasal breath function and eliminates some morphological changes in the bronchopulmonary system (adhesion and adhesion processes). It promotes recovery of inflammatory formations, smoothes the wrinkled sites on pulmonary tissue, restores normal blood and lymphatic supply, and eliminates local developments of energy stagnation. It restores cardiovaslucar system function and strengthens all blood circulation systems, corrects various deformations of the thorax and spinal column developed during disease, and raises the general resistance of an organism. It sanitizes the physiological condition of patients. Please note that this course will not be offered for currently-enrolled students. Due to travel conditions, reservations will take a deadline of one month prior to the start date.
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