Program Information

With the unlimited flexibility of our programs, we make it easy for everyone to enroll and complete the Massage Therapy certification program at our institute.

13 Months Program

Students will attend school two times per week: Day or Evening
Monday,Tuesday Wednesday 8:30am – 1:00pm OR
Monday,Tuesday Wednesday 5:30pm – 10:00pm

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Ongoing enrollment

This is available throughout the year. Prospective students may enroll any time at our school campus.

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Course Name
Course Hours
Course Price
Anatomy & Physiology
150(available on campus and online) $1,899.00
20 $253.20
Ethics and Professionalism—HSM
50 (available on campus and online) $633.00
Hygiene and Pathology
42 (available on campus and online) $532.14
18 $228.06
Massage Career and Equipment
18 $228.06
Introduction to Touch Therapies
45 $570.15
Swedish Massage
54 $684.18
Sports Massage
30 $379.80
Eastern Traditional Med.
18 $228.06
Grigorian Method®
54 $684.18
Neuromuscular Technique
32 $405.44
Grigorian Organic Spa Reflexology®
24 $304.08
Seated Massage
Clinical Practice
149 $1,887.83
Elective Courses (your choice)Minimum elective hours required 16 (go to the student services platformto check for availability) $202.72
C.P.R./First Aid
8 (it can be taken outside of the school) $101.36
TOTAL: 750 $9500.00

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