NEIWH-Financial Information
Government Educational Assistance Programs


A.NEIWH- Financial Info
1.NEIWH- Tuition Financial Planning

B.Government Educational Assistance Programs

1.Medalion Fund
2.NH Charitable Foundation
3.Vocational Rehabilitation Assistance
4.Local Rotary Club
5.The Trade Act

A. NEIWH- Financial Info.
A-1.NEIWH-Tuition Financial Planning
NEIWH continues to keep its tuition costs affordable and competitive for anyone interested in pursuing the Massage Therapy profession. Students seekingFinancial Assistance will be guided through every stage of the application process by our friendly staff.
Our school is proud to introduce tuition scholarship and low interest FREE monthly tuition payment plans.
For more information about available scholarships, please call us at 603-623-5018 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

B. Government Educational Assistance Programs

B-1. Medallion Fund-Manchester Regional Community Foundation.
Any one residing in Manchester, NH must contact the office personally to apply for the Medallion Fund.
Prospective students must inquire about The Medallion Fund by calling the phone number displayed below:
Phone: (800) 464-6641
Address: 37 Pleasant Street
Concord NH 03301

B-2. New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
To find out more about the requirements for qualification, applicants must contact the office at the following address:
37 Pleasant Street
Concord NH 03301
Phone: (800) 464-6641

B-3.Vocational Rehabilitation Assistance
New Hampshire Department of Education, Division of Rehabilitation offers financial support to persons with physical disabilities who wish to train in Massage Therapy, in order to change their career, and become massage therapists. Here is the information necessary to contact them directly:
195 McGregor Street
Manchester, NH
(603) 669-8733
NH Vocational Rehabilitation

B-4.Local Rotary Club
Please visit to read more about this program.

B-5.  The Trade Act
To learn more about this option please visit