Dear NEIWH Representatives,

Thank you very much for all your help in making our Rebif MS Walks huge success. We had over 7,000 walkers and 1400 volunteers at 13 MS Walks in Massachusetts and News Hampshire this past weekend. We anticipate raising an estimated $ 2 million. It will directly help 12, 000 individuals and families affected by multiple sclerosis in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. These walks could not have happened without you offering your support and dedication. You all are so incredible! You weathered the ice, snow, rain and chilly conditions in order to make our MS Walks so successful! There are probably no other volunteers in the country as committed dedicated and as flexible as you all have been.

Your efforts will help the Central New England Chapter provide programs for individuals and families affected by multiple sclerosis which offer them support and guidance. A large portion of the money raised goes to fund the MS research. The day will come when we will find cure to this devastating disease, thanks to the volunteers like you. We look forward to working with you in future events we have in 2003. Together, we are working towards a world free of MS. Thank you.

Brenda Barbour
Director of Volunteers