Dear Dr. Grigore,

I am writing you to give praise to one of your student practitioners, Melanie Vallaiere. As an educator and prior owner of a small school of court reporting, I believe it is important to celebrate student successes, and by extension, school successes. By all counts, my experience with Ms. Valliere represent a celebration.

I had my first experience with your school this evening at 6 p.m. when, as a client in the clinic, I was greeted by Ms. Valliere. She was confident, professional, friendly, and polite. Her demeanor immediately put me at ease in my new surroundings. She took great care to assure and sustain my comfort throughout the delivery of services. She was never condescending, patronizing, nor overly friendly.

As a veteran traveller, I have received massages from many people in many different countries and regions. Massage is not new to me, and my expectations regarding service are relatively high. Frankly, I was not sure what type of service or attention I would receive from a student practitioner, but being an advocate for applied learning and a committed supporter of student practicums, I was willing to give the school student practitioners a try. I am glad that I took the risk! Not only, I was pleased with the professional demeanor of Melanie, but I was equally pleased the fine massage she rendered.

If Melanie is indicative of the caliber of student you are preparing for the profession, you and your staff must be very proud. You have done a nice job of providing the didactive and clinical combination for a well-prepared practioner.

I look forward to future visits and to future encounters with your students.

Kathleen Prince, Ph.D
555 Canal Street
Manchester, NH 03101