With our highly skilled instructors, North Eastern Institute of Whole Health is dedicated to teaching and producing professional Massage Therapists.

Our Staff actively keeps in mind the ideals set forth in the Institute’s philosophies and objectives when working with students.

Some courses in our curriculum are taught by professional holistic health educators, guests from other states, not listed here. Within their specialty, they are using an integrative education approach to the overall healthier life of the therapists and their clients.


Gabrielle M.Grigore,

Douglas H. DuVerger,
Academic Director/
Vice President/Treasurer

Karen Bush, L.M.T.

Suzanne Plante, L.M.T.

Joshua Shawver, L.M.T.

Catherine Amsden, L.M.T.

Tara Comeau, L.M.T.

Sandra Acquaviva, L.M.T.