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An economical and easy way to benefit yourself or your business


Portable and lightweight, available from many brands

$30/day>> when renting for one day up to four days
$25/day >> when renting for five days and up


Portable and lightweight, available from many brands

$30/day>> when renting for one day up to four days
$25/day >> when renting for five days and up


We rent portable massage tables & chairs to those who need equipment immediately:
· Health-care professionals
· Post surgery recovery patients
· Students
· Private corporations
· Hospitals and clinics
· Private functions and events
· Chiropractors
· Nurses
· Massage Therapists
· Podiatrists
· Nutritionists
· Tattoo parlors
· Pregnant women
· Acupuncturists and more


1. Q: Why do I need to rent a massage table or chair?

A: A portable massage table or chair is built with an accessory attachment for the face, neck and head to rest in a prone position. Some of the many reasons I should rent a massage table/chair instead of buying, are:
· Medical reasons: immediately after surgery people must sleep or rest for a few days in a special position. A massage table or chair will provide the comfort of sleeping in a recommended position, after an eye, neck or head surgery; after a lower or upper back injury; after chiropractic adjustments of the hip, neck or back; after foot or knee surgery, etc.
· Student practice: many students attending health care programs, massage therapy, Reiki, estheticians and other career oriented programs, are in need to practice or to attend on campus and off campus events, for short periods of time. It is an affordable way for student therapists to rent and save money while in school.
· Travel Appointments for Special Events: this portable equipment has a lightweight and it is easy to carry and set up for any health events, expo or out doors activities. You can travel and make money in the same time!
· Romantic weekend or evening: you may indulge yourself and your partner by giving each other a relaxing massage, without spending $60/hour and up!

2. Q: How much it costs if I want to purchase a massage table and a massage chair?

A: A non-expensive massage table price starts at $250 and up. A reliable, professional massage table price starts around $450 and up to $800; a massage chair price can start anywhere from $350 to $600.

3. Q: How do I pay for the rental?

A: I may pay by cash or credit. No checks are accepted. A valid Master/Visa credit card is needed for payment assurance and a picture ID. A copy of the credit card will be kept on file until the items are returned, in the same condition in which they were rented. A deposit is required and the amount varies according to the number of the items and whether it is a table or a chair. The deposit is fully reimbursed when the equipment is returned.

To reserve a rental:

Please Call:
603-623-5018 ext.10
Pick up Information:
You may pick up your order at:
North Eastern Institute of Whole Health
22 Bridge Street, Manchester NH 03101
Main Office located on the 2nd floor