Length of Course: 18 hours

This course is divided up into four classes that will be offered periodically through out a student's enrollment, as such, the classes within this course will not take place in consecutive order once per week.

Institute Orientation :    The students will learn the policies of N.E.I.W.H., and what is expected of them on and off-campus. Students will receive a Student Handbook and class schedule. The students will also learn how to use their online services.
Equipment for Massage Therapy :    The class gives the students an opportunity to learn about the equipment that is used within the massage therapy profession such as tables, chairs, oils, and creams.
Clinic Orientation :    After completion of the Swedish Massage course, students may now work on clients. This class will introduce students to the details of working off-campus and in the on-campus Clinic of Massage Therapy .
Exam & Licensing Information :    This class will instruct students on what N.E.I.W.H., The National Board, and the State of NH expects of a student when taking their Final Practical and Final Theoretical exams. This class will inform them on how to apply to take the National and State Practical Exams.