Length of Course: 50 hours

This course has a two-fold purpose—familiarizing the students with New Hampshire law regarding Massage Therapy (RSA 328-B), boundary issues, etc., and the successful management of a Massage Therapy practice. The course is divided into three parts: first, presenting the students with the principles of management (including client interview; state/local rules and regulations; etc.); second, offering the student practical experience in dealing with specific clientele (handicapped, elderly, children, etc.) and the general public; and third, developing skills by researching independently areas of personal interest in massage therapy as a career. Each part of the course will be separately scheduled, as follows:

  • Lecture and classroom time: 27 hours
  • Public Awareness Event 10 hours(Sponsored and approved by NEIWH)
  • Independent project / Business Plan 13 hours
  • Classroom and lecture time will be regularly scheduled.