Colleen D. Chausse, R.N., L.M.T.

Colleen Chausse, RN, LMT. A 1997 graduate of NEIWH, she has had a successful, private practice in Manchester, NH, since 1998. In addition to her practice, she is passionate about teaching and helping massage therapists to succeed. Currently she teaches LaStone Therapy, Raindrop Therapy and a course that she developed called," Million Dollar Massage". She is also writing a book with that same title. Entrepreneurial by nature, she has developed & patented 4 products. Her latest project is called, "Breast Rest": it's a table pad designed to accommodate female clients - but don't worry, it works for men too. You can purchase a Breast Rest at NEIWH's store. If you are looking to take your massage practice to the next level and need some guidance she is a massage mentor and can help you succeed in this competitive business. She is a seasoned therapist and has many "tricks of the trade" that she would be glad to share with you.
Please visit her website at: for more information or you can contact her by phone at: 603-261-6998.