Ernest Caldwell, D.C.

Dr. Caldwell is a graduate of the National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, Illinois. He practiced in Concord, New Hampshire for 2 years then moved to California where he associated with Dr. Carl Remelin, a very successful Chiropractor of many years.

 Dr. Caldwell also worked in a ‘Pain and Stress Management Center’ in Anaheim Hills, California in collaboration with Dr. Jay Goldstein, a medical doctor specialized in patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.Three years later Dr. Caldwell opened his own private practice named “Posture Center”. While maintaining his practice Dr. Caldwell held workshops and taught many health related subjects such as pathology, anatomy and physiology, trigger point therapy, myofascial release techniques and nutrition. With regards to clinical nutrition he dedicated his time as a professional lecturer for a number of companies throughout the country. Dr. Caldwell holds now, a very complex and integrated practice as a clinical nutritionist, massage therapist and kinesiologist while continuing his journey as an educator.


 Daven L. Spencer, D.C.

Dr. Daven Spencer graduated from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1993.  He has 17+ yrs experience in practice as a chiropractor who actually uses muscle work everyday, whether it be in the form of myofascial release, trigger point therapy, active release, passive release, pnf stretching, or exercise routines.  He is a firm believer in treating both sides of the musculo-skeletal system (the muscle side and the joint side) and is not afraid to spend the time it takes to do so.  He has seen many successes as a result.  He has spent years developing and honing his technique and always wants to learn more.  He has been an instructor here at NEIWH for several years.  He is a talented educator whether it be in his practice with his patients or in the classroom in seminars and workshops.  He has the ability to bring the complicated functions of the body down to layman's terms.  The body is a very individual entity and must be treated as such.  Which also means that as a provider of therapy, one MUST individualize his/her therapy to those needs and get out of the rut of one's own routine.  His teaching style reflects this fact as a core understanding and expects students to look outside the box of their routine and find the THERAPIST and HEALER within. 
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Dr. Spencer can be reached by email at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Georganne R. Verigan, Ph.D., L.M.T., Inductee, World Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Georganne Verigan graduated from Southwest University with a Doctorate in Educational Psychology and from North Eastern Institute of Whole Health with a certification in therapeutic massage. At N.E.I.W.H., Dr. Verigan completed intensive training in both the Grigorian Method® and Grigorian Organic Spa Reflexology®. She is both nationally certified and New Hampshire state licensed. Dr. Verigan has an in-depth understanding of eastern concepts and philosophy and recently completed an internship at the Training Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing, China. She has dedicated her life to training in the martial arts and has attained a Masters Level in Karate, Kung fu, and Tai chi. In 1998, she was recognized by the Martial Arts community for her dedication to the promotion of traditional martial arts instruction and was inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Dr. Verigan is a member of the Associated Massage and Bodywork Professionals, the International Kuosho Federation, the Pai Lum (White Dragon) Association, and is the leader of the Kajukenpo Pai Lum Federation.


Kim Sowles, B.A., L.M.T.

Ms. Sowles is a licensed massage therapist and one of the first Certified LaStone® Therapists in the state of New Hampshire. Her background includes a B.A. in art History (Carleton University, Canada), Dale Carnegie assistant teaching, and fifteen years experience lecturing on the history and spirituality of early New England gravestones. A student of life and spirit, Ms. Sowles spent the past twenty years in sales and business management, culminating with five and one half years involvement with Saturn Corporation, where she was selected out of one hundred applicants to participate in Saturn’s prestigious ”Mindshare” program. Her ongoing education with Saturn included training in Management and Culture/Values, Team Building, Customer Enthusiasm, and more. When not searching for new stones or exploring old graveyards, Ms. Sowles runs a successful Massage Therapy practice in Boscawen, NH.
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