Grievance procedure

  • Any person having a complaint or grievance against our school shall make a reasonable effort to obtain satisfaction through our established procedures.
  • In the event that a solution cannot be reached, the person may file a written complaint with the office of career school licensing. The complaint shall include any evidence on the issues, and a documentation that a reasonable effort was made to resolve the complaint directly with the school.
  • The office of career school licensing shall investigate each written complaint involving potential violations of these rules with both students and officials of the school and shall attempt to resolve the matter
  • The office of career licensing shall determine if the complaint is of such a serious nature as to a warrant a fine, suspension, or revocation of school`s license. The director shall make the decision in such matters
  • The director shall report the findings of the investigation and outcomes to the student, the school and the commission
  • A party may request a due process hearing as provided in Jus 800

Contact Information
Department of Education
Office of Career School Licensing,
101 Pleasant Street, Concord, NH 03301