Fundamentals of Pregnancy Massage

Saturday February 9, 2019 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

At some point in time you will have that client that comes to you pregnant. Pregnancy is an amazing and hectic time for the mom-to-be and can be an unnerving time for you as a therapist. In this class you will learn about pregnancy from the perspective of mom, what she is feeling physically and emotionally. From the perspective of the baby, how are they developing and finally from the Dad’s perspective emotionally and yes, even physically. Just as important we will learn the role of the massage therapist during the pregnancy and even touch on our role during labor and post partum. We will learn positioning, endangerment sites and draping. We will learn the benefits of pregnancy massage for the whole family.

With Susan Page, L.M.T.

Prerequisite(s): Swedish Massage

8 hour workshop
Deposit of $50 required by February 1, 2019.
Certificate and 8 Cont. Ed. hours will be granted.
Students are to bring: a notebook, pen, linens, unscented oil, lotion or cream, pillows (2 standard or king, and/or a body pillow). Students are to wear: Please wear comfortable clothing.

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